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S.e.s.n. started its activity more than fifty years ago as producer of chemical auxiliaries for the italian tanning industry, following then all its developments which have brought the italian leather and fashion to be leader in the word. The most important chemical processes carried out by Sesn are: Solphonation, Sulphitation, Oxidation, Esterification, Polycondensation, Salification and so on. With the acquisition of new technical "Know-how" Sesn has started a production of polymers wich in addition of being a compilation in the range of tanning auxiliaries, find use also in the water treatement. S.e.s.n. furthermore can study and realize in cooperation with customers tailor made products and processes. New targets of Sesn are the further development of marketing and technical advice to use of its product as well as the improvement of its presence on several foreign markets in rash and constant growth.



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